XVIII Payments & XI Security EMA Conference

2018, April 19
"Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str, «Ultramarin», 3rd floor.
Two conferences will work simultaneously, in conference-halls with a capacity up to 200 participants each.

Andrey Klesov MasterCard

QR payments

Valeria Bondarenko FONDY

Acceptance of payments (payment business) in EU and UA through the eyes of PSP, EU resident.

Raivis Joksts Tieto

Creating a modern open Eco-system of payments

Alexey Grishin Qiwi (Беларусь)

Not (neo) banks

Lydia Kulyba GFK

Features of using Internet banking: a quantitative research of Ukrainian consumers

Oleg Zhukov Ingenico Group

Seamless integration between business & payment. Solutions of Ingenico

Dmitriy Zarakhovich UAPay

Viktor Dostov

The interface is ruling the bank - the basis of the open banking concept

Denis Kirichenko СЕО PayCore.io

Open FX Ukraine.

Pavel Sidelov Chief technology officer в SDK.Finance

Open FX Ukraine.

Andrey Podderegin

Round table: Will the new technologies 2017 - 2018 help to develop a "card present" network in Ukraine?

Александр Яблуновский

Alexander Yadlunovskiy

Views and plans of the Regulator

Raisa Fedorovska EMA Academy Manager, Association EMA

Project "A Humane Phishing" by EMA CyberSecurity School

  • #madeinua phishing history: 2015 – 2016 – Card Data Theft; 2017 – Card Number Substitution; 2018 – Online Banking Theft.
  • #madeinua antiphishing history: 2015 – 2016 – Blocking Phishing Websites; 2017 – SafeCard awareness campaign; 2018 – an education project “A humane phishing”.
  • “Get your fingers burned” and get learned a lesson from that is the best training method. Experience is a good teacher, but it sends in terrific bills.  The conference report “A humane phishing by EMA CyberSecurity School” is right about how to teach bank customers inexpensively to learn from own mistakes.

Ivan Kryvych CEO,MyCredit

Actual fraud threats in Card-Not-Present environment for online lenders and its clients

  • The way to prevent fraud – a search of predictors and their implementation in the fraud score.
  • Some sources of predictors.
  • Software for the fraud score modeling.

Oleksandr Plahotnyuk

Oleksandr Plahotnyuk Ukrainian CyberPolice, Odesa Region

Card-Not-Present Fraud - Phishing websites. Investigation and Detention.

  • How does a phishing website operate? – from a website creator to money mules.
  • Some specific features of a police search for phishing victims.
  • Ukraine's first ever detention and judgment of conviction in the phishing case.

Oleksandr Taran

Oleksandr Taran Ukrainian CyberPolice, Kharkiv Region

Social engineering fraud: fake auto websites, vishing, fraudulent mobile applications. Investigation and Detention.

  • How does a fraud scheme “You’ve won a car” work?
  • Who and why call bank customers in a bank security’s name?
  • “Universal Banking” or a universal swindle?
  • Online fraud lenders.

Galyna Buzhenitsa Head of Payment Cards Transactions Fraud Prevention Unit, Ukrsibbank, BNP Paribas Group

Actual fraud threats in Card-Not-Present environment for Banks and its clients

  • Social engineering as a main threat targeted on bank customers.
  • “KYC” – a demographical profile of fraud victim.
  • How to help bank customers inspire confidence in trustability and safety of payments instruments.

Vladyslav Dykyy Payment Systems and Innovations Department, the NBU

Ukrainian trends of payments and a payment fraud in the Card-Not-Present environment. The NBU's statistics..

  • Analysis of the NBU's statistical reporting on the payment cards market and card transactions in Ukraine.
  • The main trends of card payments.
  • A review of the statistical reporting on a card fraud in the CNP-environment.

Aleksey Krasyuk Deputy Director for Operational issues and Information Security, Association EMA

All-Ukrainian platform of secure online payments

  • What do banks and PSPs pass in silence concerning payment fraud.
  • To join efforts or to struggle by oneself.
  • How to transform daily antifraud activities into “alive” system.

Ivan Muntiyan CEO, AlfaProtection

All-Ukrainian platform of secure online payments.

  • Basic components of the system.
  • Technical decisions, that were used.
  • Neural network - fashion trend or technology, that helps to prevent payment fraud in CNP environment.

Джем Кибароглу

Cem Kibaroglu Customer Fraud Management, MasterCard

Worldwide fraud trends in Card-Not-Present environment Technology is changing the world of personal finances more rapidly than ever before. Our new habits offer significant benefits for merchants, but pose a new challenge for the payment industry; there has been a rise in online fraud and more diverse types of fraud, with criminals seeking out and exploiting the weakest link

Technologies to secure and to monitor transactions in Card-Not-Present environment CNP is sometimes viewed as the weak link in a secure system - the simplest way for criminals to take money from stolen cards now that the EMV chip has been introduced. One solution is multi-factor authentication. By increasing the “layers” of information that can be utilized, including device characteristics, biometrics and cryptograms, genuinely suspicious activity can be more accurately detected.

Kevin McDonald Fraud & Corruption Consultant and Head of Division, GRSC Group

Fighting fraud with informed intelligence GRSC Group aim is to deliver significant financial benefits for clients which far exceed our fees and we are able to achieve this by combining ‘Subject Matter Expertise' and ‘cutting edge technology’ which includes a market-leading ‘Smart Data Analytics’ Platform

Dmytro Hololobov Deputy CEO, UAPay

The actual fraud threats for Internet PSP and its clients

  • Vishing as a result of the sharing of personal data to the Internet.
  • Escrow and its role in the development of a payment ecosystem.
  • Financial inclusiveness as the foundation for fraud prevention.

Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment System Members "EMA". Coordinates national cashless and anti-fraud projects in Ukraine since 1999.

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The conference will be held on April at:

“Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str,
"Ultramarine", 3rd floor.