BANK «UNISON» joined the Association EMA. The number of participants has grown to 80.


On January 27, 2015 PJSC BANK “UNISON” joined the Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association “EMA” as 80th member of the Association.

Aleksandr Karpov, director of the Association, head of the Community Council of NBU on payments of physical persons: “Being members of the Association and working in cooperation with leading Ukrainian banks new members develop actively contactless payments, e-business and credit cards, use an expert evaluation and advanced technologies of leading Ukrainian and international companies — members of the Association. Inter-bank and inter-industry work in the information exchange system ‘Exchange-OnLine’ provides for new members of the Association an up-to-date control and protection against cyber threats; help them avoid an unauthorized use of client accounts and RBS-systems; level off payment instruments data compromising and fraud in the field of retail lending”.

PJSC “BANK “UNISON” is a new universal bank at the Ukrainian market. The bank was founded by two European investment funds. It obtained a bank license on February 8, 2013.

The Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association “EMA” was founded in 1999 and consolidates 80 banks. The main tasks of the Association: assistance in cooperation with governmental authorities in the field of payments and retail lending; activity management in the field of payment and credit fraud control; the information exchange and fraud prevention system “Exchange-OnLine” management.


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Aleksandr Karpov: 38 044 568 5838,

Банк «ЮНИСОН» присоединился к Ассоциации ЕМА. Число участников выросло до 80.


27 января 2015 года ПАО БАНК «ЮНИСОН» вступил в Украинскую Межбанковскую Ассоциацию Членов Платежных Систем «ЕМА», став 80 членом Ассоциации.

Банк «ЮНІСОН» приєднався до Асоціації ЄМА. Число учасників зросло до 80-ти.


27 січня 2015 року ПАТ БАНК «ЮНІСОН» вступив в Українську Міжбанківську Асоціацію Членів Платіжних Систем ЄМА, ставши 80 членом Асоціації.

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