test EMA XVII - Conference of card payment market

XVII Payments & X Security EMA Conference

2017, November 7
"Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str, «Ultramarin», 3rd floor.
Two conferences will work simultaneously, in conference-halls with a capacity up to 200 participants each.
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Concerning the program of the conference:

Payments & Innovations – 2017:
Alexandr Karpov

X EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference:
Olesya Danylchenko
Concerning the program of the conference:

Payments & Innovations – 2017:
Alexandr Karpov

X EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference:
Olesya Danylchenko
Conference starts
  • 8:00

    Morning coffee and registration of participants

  • 9:00

    Opening and welcome EMA and the USAID Financial Service Transformation project remarks
    Aleksandr Karpov, Robert Bond

    Digital Finances and Financial Service Transformation

    National Bank of Ukraine outlining the discussion
    Olga Vasileva

    «The Road to Cashless” Jordan Weinstock USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project

    Long way to cashless: lessons learned
    The perspectives of program #Cashless2020 implementation.

    Panel discussion - Transformation of financial industry in Ukraine : today and tomorrow

    • Cashless economy in Ukraine - how to get to the next level.
    • C2G and G2C strategies for economic growth and reducing corruption.
    • Legislative barriers and initiatives in digital finance.
    • How will the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and National Bank of Ukraine implement their statements to support #cashless?
    • Digital finance as the best way or inclusion and financial self-development of citizens.

    Ruslan Kravets, Michael Vidyakin (National Bank of Ukraine), Ivan Leviy (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukrainе), Andrey Strashniy (Ministry of Finance of Ukraine), Dmitro Krepak (Visa), Sergiy Frantsishko (MasterCard)
    Rostyslav Dyuk, USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project

  • 11:00

    Coffee break

  • 11:30

    Stream 1: #Cashless - objective, resource, perspective or problem? Merchants, clients, banks - subjects or objects of the payment ecosystem?

    European trends of issuing and merchant acquiring. Sam Blackwell Retail Banking Research (UK)

    The analytical review of issuing and merchant acquiring in Europe. The latest innovations that influence the development of different European markets. The main factors, which stimulate and restrict the growth of cashless payments.

    MSC and IRF regulations: international experience and lessons for Ukraine.
    Maksym Hlotov, Baker & McKenzie

    Economy of a card payment systems and IRF concept. Global discussion on IRF regulation. Legal and economic aspects of IRF regulations in USA and EU. Lessons for Ukraine

    Joint marketing research by EMA and GFK: merchants and #cashless
    Aleksandr Karpov, ЕМА

    In what way do payment technologies increase Merchants’ RoAB and are able to force cash out of the payment chain? Weight, importance, ranking of use / non- use factors for for cashless payment solutions. Expectations and reasons for lack of interest in #cashless.

    Panel discussion - #Cashless Economy in Ukraine

    • Acquiring economics vs. Ukrainian business economics
    • What Acquiring solutions else is Ukraine lacking?
    • What is there to regulate? What for? In what way? Has the time come?
    • Payment products and services in Ukraine and EU: compliance analysis, perspective of implementation, dependency on PSD2 implementation, influence at non-banking market.

    Anton Romanchuk (Ukrainian Processing Center), Sergey Makarenko (PrivatBank), Olga Petrusenko (UkrEXIMBank), Nataliya Voytovich /Andriy Kirienko (Oshchadbank), Ivan Makarenko (MOSST)
    Aleksandr Karpov, EMA.

    Stream 2: Cybercrime trends in 2017. Pressing threats focused on financial industry.

    U.S. Secret Service Mission and Cybercrime Investigations
    John Liau, Resident Agent in Charge United States Secret Service (USA)

    Overview of the U.S. Secret Service mission and cybercrime statutes. Specific legal authorities inside U.S. laws for the Secret Service to investigate cybercrime. Case examples of the types of financial crime investigations within the Secret Service jurisdiction.

    Ukrainian and European cybercrime trends correlation.
    Olesya Danylchenko, ЕМА, Member of AGFS EC3 Europol

    Review of actual financial cybercrimes in Ukraine. European trends according to Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment IOCTA-2017 EC3 Europol. TOP 3 topics at АТМ & CyberSecurity 2017.

    Cobalt APT-Attacks in Ukraine and region: targets, penetration vector, chronology and forecasts
    Nikolay Koval, CysCentrum

    The Actual information about this threat is being delivered to all participants of financial sector throughout 2017. Nevertheless attacks continue. What are criminals looking to and how to protect your organization against penetration?

    The role of cyber insurance in perspectives of cyber-attacks on financial sector and cryptocurrency exchanges in the Ukraine and the world
    Aleksandra Gladyshevskaya, IB Insart

    Cyber insurance - insurance coverage, that cover financial and non-financial losses of companies in the result of cyber-attacks or IS failures. Companies of financial sector are among the most attractive targets of hackers, as far as there the main volumes of personal data, assets and finances are concentrated.

    Panel discussion:

    • Bad USB - Black Box or Malware?
    • To insure or to prevent??
    • To invest in security systems or personnel?

    Previous presenters + Eugeniy Daskal, Ukrgazbank
    Olesya Danylchenko, ЕМА.

  • 13:30


  • 14:30

    Stream 1: Card products, electronic and mobile payment services: functionality, cost of "ownership", usability, competitive positions of the participants and key development initiatives

    Project #evident_ buyer – banker acts as a client.
    Clients experience: payment cards, applications, Internet and mobile banking.
    Aleksandr Karpov, EMA

    Payment products and services of TOP-15 banks serviced >95% clients as viewed by Aleksandr Karpov, Director of Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association “EMA”. You will know how and what your branches sell as well as what extent your clients are satisfied.

    Joint market research by ЕМА and GFK: Customer satisfaction of TOP5 bank clients.
    Lydia Kuliba, GFK

    Typical flaws and best practices, perception and use, client expectations in payment products and services. Assessing competitive advantages, ranking best practices and client expectations.

    Non-banks on the payment market in 2017.
    Alexandr Makarenko, PayLastic

    What could non-banks introduce at the payment market in 2017? Successful partnerships, out-of-the-box solutions, difficulties and successes, "news from the field".

    Stream 2: Best-practices of co-operation of financial sector and LEAs

    Crime and punishment. Ukrainian experience.
    Aleksandr Savchenko, First Ukrainian International Bank

    The documentation and detention of criminal, who created banks fake web-site. The documentation and detention of criminal, who completed logical attacks on ATMs. Effective collaboration of Banks Security Service and LEAs.

    Cooperation of LEAs and banks against skimming attacks on ATMs.
    Valentin Dubnov, Czech Republic Police (CZ)

    Skimming in ATMs is still one of actual cybercrimes in Czech. Progress and problems in cooperation of LEAs and banks.

    Features of cybercrime investigations in Belarus Republic.
    Aleksandr Sushko, expert in area of information security (BY). The best representative of LEAs 2017 according to International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators.

    Trends and structure of cybercrimes in Belarus. Features of cybercrime criminal cases investigations. International and interdepartmental cooperation.

    Panel discussion – Actual problems of cooperation and financial cybercrimes prevention

    Previous speakers + U.S. Secret Service + Cybercrime Department of Ukraine.
    Olesya Danylchenko, ЕМА.

  • 16:00


  • 16:30

    Stream 1: Card products, electronic and mobile payment services: functionality, cost of "ownership", usability, competitive positions of the participants and key development initiatives

    TSP Wallet – new stage of digital wallet development.
    Andrey Aushev (Mobo.cards)

    Bank’s digital wallets implementation experience. Participant’s cooperation analysis. Approaches to wallet functionality creation. Usage of payment option Always ON in digital wallet. Comparative features of TSP Wallet and Issuer Wallet. Decreasing of time and finance costs for TSP Wallet implementation.

    Panel discussion

    • Launching exactly what the clients want - how to make it quickly? Why can't banks catch up with the clients' requirements and market leaders who anticipated clients' expectations?
    • Vendors and the regulator: can they help fast and effectively?
    • Financial, organizational, technological, regulatory problems and their cause
    • How non-banks resolve (or overcome) similar problems, successful solution cases.

    Andrey Podderyogin (SberBank), Anton Kostornichenko (Ipay), Dmitriy Kovalenko (ex – UniCreditBank), Aleksey Ruban (FUIB), Ivan Istomin (PayForce), Monobank, Lyubov Sergeeva (NBU), Denis Salun (Mobo.cards)
    Aleksey Puznyak, Alfa-Bank Ukraine

    Stream 2: Actual threats, targeted Cardholders. Financial competence of Bank’s clients.

    Elimination of Cyber illiteracy: ЕМА Сybersecurity School, # SAFECARD , Public Awareness & Prevention EC3 Europol​
    Raia Fedorovskaya, ЕМА

    Gemius and EMA sociological surveys have demonstrated the law level of Ukrainian citizens’ awareness of signs and protection methods against cybercrimes. In 2017 EMA Academy has been conducting the public awareness-raising campaign of all-Ukrainian awareness programme #Safecard. Support for EC3 Europol awareness initiatives in Ukraine.

    Security for Business and for Client - from load to participation: or how to "sell" Anti-Fraud inside the company and on the market.
    Yuriy Khmelenko.Alfa-bank Ukraine

    Innovative point of view on your clients security: how to make security not a load but the key component of banks services, the instrument of additional profit for business and the source of important reference information for clients.

    Stream 2: Fianancial cybercrimes threats forecast -2018.

    Brain storm - Threats forecast in the region - 2018.

    All participants
    Olesya Danylchenko, ЕМА.

  • 18:00

    Closing remarks

  • 18:15

    Drinks reception

Дмитрий Крепак

Dmitriy Krepak Visa Country Manager for Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

17 years experienced senior executive worked for international and Ukrainian companies of financial sector. Since 2015 Dmitriy has been leading Visa's business in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. He is responsible for business development, resource optimization, creation of long terms partnership with key partners of payment industry. Education: Master in international Business Development (MSIIR of MIA of RF), MBA (Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA).

Rostyslav Dyuk

Rostyslav Dyuk Team Lead Digital Finance USAID Project Financial Sector Transformation

Sam Blackwell

Sam Blackwell Senior Research Analyst Retail Banking Research (UK)

Sam is experienced analyst in the area of banking automation, payment cards and electronic payments. At various time he has conducted researches in Ukraine, CIS and Latin American countries . Sam started to work for RBR 2104 after five-years analyst experience in public and private sectors.

Maksym Hlotov

Maksym Hlotov Kyiv office Baker & McKenzie

Maksym makes a special study of payment systems and issues surrounding banking and financial law. Education: Ternopil National Economic University (lawyer); Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, Great Britain (Master in Banking and Financial Law); Institute of European Studies, Free University of Brussels (master in International and European Law). Before joining Kyie office of Baker & McKenzie in 2007 Maksym worked in London office

Aleksandr Karpov

Aleksandr Karpov EMA

24 years experienced manager in payment business and risk management, cashless development with 15 years concentration in GR and CC, private and public sector cooperation in Ukraine and region. Since 2000 consults Ukrainian Parliament Banking and Finance committee. Since 2014 is a member of Public Council for National Bank of Ukraine.

Lydiya Kuliba

Lydiya Kuliba Head of Retail and Financial Research Department, GFK

Work experience: 8 years, including 6 years in marketing research. Education: NTUU "KPI“, industrial marketing, master degree. Areas of expertise: financial research, banking and insurance, retail business, communication effectiveness testing, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Andrey Aushev

Andrey Aushev Mobo.cards

Dmitriy Kovalenko

Dmitriy Kovalenko ex – Ukrsotsbank

Dmitriy has 17 years banking and financial experience. He has hold keys positions in the areas of marketing, business development and sales. He has got competences in strategic planning, product development project management and business transformation. Dmitriy has economic and IT background coupled with and business administration education.

Aleksey Puznyak

Aleksey Puznyak Acting Director on Retail Business Development in Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank

John Liau

John Liau Resident Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service

Resident Agent in Charge John Liau is currently assigned to the U.S. Secret Service’s Tallinn Resident Office and covers Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine.  Mr. Liau has worked for the U.S. Government for 19 years, having served in protective and investigative assignments in Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Vancouver, and Pittsburgh.

Olesya Danylchenko

Olesya Danylchenko Deputy Director, Head of Payments Instruments and Credits Security Forum, Association EMA

17 years experienced banks security manager with 7 years concentration in payment cards and ATMs interbank antifraud information exchange, private and public sector cooperation in Ukraine and region. Member of European Association for Secure Transaction (EAST) and Advisory Group on Financial Services of EC3 Europol.

Nikolay Koval

Nikolay Koval CEO, CysCentrum

Ex-officer of CERT-UA. Has unique practical experience of investigation and prevention of cyber threats: varying from fraud in RBS systems to state cyber-espionage.

Alexandra Gladyshevskaya

Alexandra Gladyshevskaya CEO, Co-founder IB “Insart”

Alexandra has come to insurance business in 2011. In 2014 she has been practiced in one of the largest reinsurance companies of the world “SCOR P&C” (Paris, France). In 2015 she has founded company “Insurance broker “Insart”.

Aleksandr Savchenko

Aleksandr Savchenko Security Department, First Ukrainian International Bank

Aleksandr has served at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the Department for Combating Economic Crime during 16 years. Was the first head of Ukrainian MIA’s High-Tech and Intellectual Property Section. He has been working at First Ukrainian International Bank’s Security Department for last 5 years.

Valentin Dubnov

Valentin Dubnov lieutenant colonel of Czech Republic Police

Valentin started to work for Czech Police at Patrol Police Department. Then he was transferred to Municipal Department of the Interior. Since 2006 He’s been working for Criminal Investigation’s Economic Crime Investigation Criminal Service.

Aleksandr  Sushko

Aleksandr Sushko Independent information security expert

21 years has served at LEAs of the Republic Belarus. Up to October 2017 – Head of Informational Security and Intellectual Property Crimes Department, Investigative Committee of the Republic Belarus. The best representative of LEAs according to International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators. Retired Colonel

Raisa Fedorovskaya

Raisa Fedorovskaya EMA Academy Manager, Association EMA

16 years experienced cashless and cybersecurity professional. She has taken a share in Trainings for Patrol Police and Cyber Police. Organizes educational projects of Association EMA to decrease fraud level in the area of cashless payments. Since 2016 she’s been responsible for the public awareness-raising campaign SAFE CARD.

Iurii Khmelenko

Iurii Khmelenko Anti-fraud project manager, Alfa-Bank Ukraine

Since 2006 he’s been working in the area of technologies and procedures creation to identify fraud in retail lending at the level of IT-decisions, banking processes construction and trainings to detect untruth information.

Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment System Members "EMA". Coordinates national cashless and anti-fraud projects in Ukraine since 1999.
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The conference will be held on November 7 at:

“Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str,
"Ultramarine", 3rd floor.