test EMA XVII - Conference of card payment market

XVII Payments & X Security EMA Conference

2017, November 7
"Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str, «Ultramarin», 3rd floor.
Two conferences will work simultaneously, in conference-halls with a capacity up to 200 participants each.
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Concerning the program of the conference:

Payments & Innovations – 2017:
Alexandr Karpov

X EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference:
Olesya Danylchenko
Concerning the program of the conference:

Payments & Innovations – 2017:
Alexandr Karpov

X EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference:
Olesya Danylchenko
XVII Payments EMA Conference
(Payments & innovations – 2017)
2017, November 7
At present, the business indicators of Ukrainian payment market are characterized by:
  • high concentration,
  • state-owned banks domination,
  • comparably low business competition for more than 10 years,
  • the presence of express leader and a small number of commercial-scale innovative solutions among the remaining market participants as a result of dramatic drop in the number of market participants in 2014-2016 (by 50%)
Special format:In 2017 the Association is doing a unique portfolio analysis of payment service providers and social research in the following areas that will be the main sessions of the XVII Payments EMA Conference.
Section 1 Digital finance: industry transformation
  • 9:00

    Welcome remarks from FST

  • 9:11

    National Bank of Ukraine outlining the discussion

  • 9:31

    Long path to cashless: lessons learned

  • 9:56

    Panel discussion. Moderator: Rostislav Dyuk

    • Cashless economy in Ukraine - how to get to the next level.
    • C2G and G2C strategies for economic growth and reducing the corruption.
    • Legislative barriers and initiatives in digital finance.
    • How will Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and National Bank of Ukraine implement their statements on supporting #cashless?
    • Digital finance as the best path for inclusivity and financial education of citizens.

    NBU, CMU, MoF, Cabinet of Ministers of India, Visa, MasterCard, Oschadbank, RBA

  • 11:00

    Coffee-break & Networking

Section 2 Card products, electronic and mobile payment services: functionality, cost of "ownership", usability, competitive positions of the participants and key development initiatives
  • 11:31

    Project #evident_buyer: ЕМА director Oleksandr Karpov studies payment products and services, which are expected (by default) in the portfolio of TOP-15 banks, who service >95% clients.

  • 11:51

    Joint research by ЕМА and GFK, engaging the clients of TOP5 banks: typical flaws and best practices, perception and use, client expectations in payment products and services. Assessing competitive advantages, ranking best practices and client expectations.

    Lydia Kuliba

  • 12:11

    What could non-banks introduce at the payment market in 2017? Successful partnerships, out-of-the-box solutions, difficulties and successes, "news from the field".

    Obvious leader

  • 12:31

    Panel discussion “Hinderers and helpers". Moderator: Oleksiy Puzniak

    • Launching exactly what the clients want - how to make it quickly? Why can't banks catch up with the clients' requirements and market leaders who anticipated clients' expectations?
    • Vendors and the regulator: can they help fast and effectively?
    • Financial, organizational, technological, regulatory problems and their causes.
    • How non-banks resolve (or overcome) similar problems, successful solution cases.

    TOP-5 banks, CMS vendors, developers of internet and mobile banking, processing centers + Visa, MC, Prostir, NBU (innovators vs. payment providers) discuss, what were the obstacles and what can help.

  • 13:35

    Lunch & Networking

Section 3 #Cashless - objective, resource, perspective or problem? Traders, clients, banks - subjects or objects of the payment ecosystem? Is Ukraine on planet Earth or is it from outer space?
  • 14:31

    Statistic review by Retail Banking Research (UK) on emission and merchant acquiring in Europe. Latest innovations that influence the development of different European markets. Main factors, which stimulate and restrict the growth of cashless payments.

    Sam Blackwell

  • 15:01

    MSC and IRF regulations: international experience and lessons for Ukraine.

    Maksim Glotov
    Baker MacKenzy

  • 15:31

    Coffee-break & Networking

  • 16:01

    Joint research by EMA and GFK: merchants and #cashless: payment technologies, which increase the profitability of merchants and which can push out cash from the payment chain. Weight, importance, ranking of use / not use factors for different payment solutions, expectations and reasons for lack of interest in #cashless (fiscal, pricing, organization and technology).

    Aleksandr Karpov

  • 16:26

    Panel discussion. Moderator: Respectable person

    • The economics of acquiring and collection.
    • Which products and payment solutions, previously implemented in other regions, are now needed in Ukraine?
    • Can we increase the productivity of banking and investment attraction of the industry in the conditions of negative over- or under-regulated conditions for work?
    • Payment products and services in Ukraine and EU: compliance analysis, perspective of implementation, dependency on PSD2 implementation, influence at non-banking market participants.

    TOP5 acquiring banks, vendors, processing centers, payment technologies

  • 17:30

    Coffee-break & Networking

X Security EMA Conference
( X EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference)
2017, November 7
Special format: Meeting of specialists who professionally detect, analyse, forecast and prevent risks to build systems of economic and information security of financial institutions. Daily they work on closed specialized forums, and only once a year meet face-to-face for personal communication on EMA Eastern Europe Anti-Fraud Conference. Our annual conferences are visited by more than 150 experts from Ukraine and countries of the region.
Section 1 Analytical results 2017: Ukraine and countries of the region
  • 9:00

    Organizers and sponsors greeting. Opening remarks.

    Olesya Danylchenko.
    Deputy Head, Head of Payment Instruments and Credits Security Forum. Association "ЕМА" + General Sponsor

  • 9:30

    Europol EC3 IOCTA-2017 trends overview and its correlation with Ukrainian trends of cybercrimes . TOP -3 topics АТМ&Cyber Security 2017

    Olesya Danylchenko.
    Deputy Head, Head of Payment Instruments and Credits Security Forum. Association "ЕМА"

  • 10:00

    Results of first year of work after reforms in Cyber Police Department of National Police of Ukraine

    Cyber Police Department, National Police of Ukraine

  • 10:30

    USSS mission and international cybercrime investigations

    John Liau. Resident Agent in Charge. US Secret Service

    Christopher Rohde. Senior Special Agent. US Secret Service

  • 11:00

    Coffee-break & Networking

Section 2 Actual threats targeted financial institutions and acquiring networks: APT-attacks Cobalt, Black Box attacks & malware. Technologies of detection and protection
  • 11:30

    APT-атаки Cobalt in Ukraine and region: targets, penetration vector, chronology and forecasts

    Nikolay Koval.
    CEO. CYSCentrum

  • 11:50

    How to protect your ATMs from logical attacks


  • 12:10

    Role of cyber insurance in view of cyber attacks on financial sector and crypto currencies exchanges in the Ukraine and the world

    Alexandra Gladyshevskaya.
    CEO. IB Insart

  • 12:30

    Panel discussion. Thesis:

    • Bad USB - Black Box or Malware?
    • To insure or to prevent?
    • In what to invest: in security systems or personnel?

    Participants -section's speakers. Moderator - Eugeniy Daskal,
    Security Department. Ukrgazbank

  • 13:00

    Lunch & Networking

Section 3 Best-practices of co-operation and prevention
  • 14:00

    Ukrainian best-practices "Crime and punishment":

    • documentation and arrest of creator of bank's web-site duplicate.
    • documentation and arrest of intelligent ATM's jackpotter.

    Alexandr Savchenko.
    Security Department, First Ukrainian International Bank

  • 14:30

    Foreign best- practices. Financial Services and LEAs cooperation.

  • 14:50

    Foreign and Ukrainian experience. Systems of payment fraud and cybercrimes monitoring and prevention.

  • 15:10

    Panel discussion. Actual problems of cooperation and cyber threats prevention.

  • 15:50


Section 4 Actual threats targeted cardholders: phishing, vishing, smishing & ransomware. Raising awareness of cardholders: results of pan-Ukrainian #SafeCard programm & EC3 Europol initiatives
  • 16:30

    Elimination of Cyber illiteracy: ЕМА Сybersecurity School, # SAFECARD , Public Awareness & Prevention EC3 Europol​

    Raisa Fedorovskaya.
    Head of EMA Academy. Association "ЕМА"

  • 17:00

    Security for Business and for Client - from load to participation: or how to "sell" Anti-Fraud inside the company and on the market.

    Yuriy Khmelenko.
    Manager of Anti-Fraud Projects. Alfa-Bank Ukraine

Section 5 Forecast of threats in the region - 2018
  • 17:30

    Brain storming.

    Conference Participants.
    Moderator - Olesya Danylchenko

  • 18:00

    Conference results and closing remarks

    Olesya Danylchenko.
    Deputy Head, Head of Payment Instruments and Credits Security Forum. Association "ЕМА"

  • 18:30

    Drinks reception & Networking

Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment System Members "EMA". Coordinates national cashless and anti-fraud projects in Ukraine since 1999.
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CyberPolice Department of national Police of Ukraine
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European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST)
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The conference will be held on November 7 at:

“Oazis" Kyiv, 1А, Lypkovskogo str,
"Ultramarine", 3rd floor.